Why Buy Colorado Grown CBD?

Colorado is The Mecca for CBD

Colorado is home to the highest-quality and rarest hemp strains in the world, including The Stanley Brothers breakthrough strain, Charlotte’s Web.

Years of High-CBD Strain Development

After CNN covered The Stanley Brothers exclusive strain ‘Charlotte’s Web’ in 2013 and research started to develop​ that CBD could be a healthy alternative cure for seizures in young children, Colorado Hemp Farmers went to work creating proprietary strains with High-CBD and potentially dietary health benefits.

Legal To Grow CBD Cannabis

ONLY 14 states in the U.S.A. can cultivate hemp and Colorado’s hemp farmers produce High-Class, High-CBD and High-Quality strains.

Almost 70 Percent of Legal Hemp + CBD Products are IMPORTED

China, Russia and South Korea are the leaders of this 70 percent margin and not only supply the United States, but they also supply the entire world’s hemp needs.

IMPORTED Hemp = Increased Chances of Failing a Drug Test + Additives

Imported hemp requires less regulation in which, the hemp grown in other countries can contain high amounts of metals, non-organic farming methods, non-organic seeds, and pesticides that are allowed in other countries to grow hemp. On top of all those lovely additives, imported hemp can also contain enough THC to fail a standardized drug test.

Wait… What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is the 2nd Most Abundant Compound in Cannabis

CBD is the most abundant compound in cannabis next to THC. It is one of 113 compounds found in cannabis and belongs to a class of molecules called, “Cannabinoids.”


99.7 % or higher purity of CBD is legally considered NON-PSYCHOACTIVE. Pure CBD will NOT get you HIGH. There are strains of cannabis that have High-CBD capabilities and legal amounts of THC, less than .3%.

THC's Kryptonite

THC is the active compound in cannabis that WILL get you HIGH. Pure High-CBD products will naturally REVERSE the negative effects of THC or being “too high” on THC  –  including memory impairment and paranoia.

CBD vs. CBD-THC vs. THC Products

CBD – Pure CBD products, like products listed on this site, will NOT get you “high” or have any psychoactive effect at all. Please be careful about your purchase since there are products that are marketed as “CBD” but actually should be considered “CBD-THC” products because they contain above the U.S.A. legal amount of THC = .3%.

CBD-THC – Be EXTRA careful of this when you travel to states that have passed laws for recreational cannabis usage. For ex: in Colorado, if you go to a recreational cannabis facility they will carry “CBD” products but those products are actually a CBD-THC ratio, where there is significantly higher THC levels than in any of the pure CBD products like the ones we carry on our website. The ratio has enough THC in the product to deliver a psychoactive high. In Colorado, if you want to get pure CBD products like we carry on our site, you will have to find a store that specifically sells just CBD or contact us prior to your visit.

THC – THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that will get you “high.” If you are going to travel to a legal recreational cannabis state and are willing to try a higher THC content, we recommend that you try something that has a good CBD:THC ratio prior to cannabis flower or product that has a low to zero CBD content and a high THC content. We only suggest this because THC in cannabis today can be EXTREMELY strong. Please be careful with THC and always have something that is a pure CBD product on hand just in case you do get too “HIGH.”

Wide Range of CBD Products - Available to Adults 18+ & All Demographics

CBD Products are very diverse. Some of the CBD products on the market that have element fighter capabilities include topical creams, terpene infused iso-dabs, oils, and sublingual tinctures. Since pure CBD has minuscule amounts of THC, it is legally safe for adults 18+, all demographics and is available to ship to ALL 50 states in the U.S.A.

Our Mission

Help Provide Holistic Alternatives for Life's Elements

As more research develops about CBD’s fighting capabilities, our goal is to provide our customers with alternative, holistic, organic and natural CBD remedies to anyone who believes they would benefit from a CBD regimen. So the question remains, will you choose synthetic options or organic extracts from  a naturally growing plant?

Stopping the 'Opioid Epidemic'

America has a Nationwide Opioid Epidemic and thanks to companies we cannot mention for legal purposes, it is evident and clear that these companies obviously chose Money OVER the Safety, Health, and Well-Being of Americans, by pushing Opioids as “safe, non-addictive medicine.” Our goal at Fuego Farms is to do our best to provide a solution to the National Crisis through education and potentially providing a safer, organic, and holistic alternative approach – Cannabis.

To ACTUALLY Provide Organic, High-CBD Products from U.S.A. Grown Hemp

Most companies, especially online CBD companies, outsource their hemp to countries that use unsafe and non- organic farming techniques. On top of that, these companies use LOW-CBD strains or strains that have barely enough of the legal standard of CBD to be considered High-CBD – 4%. Our goal is to educate the public that less CBD = less of an effect for the consumer and that over 70% of the CBD products on the market today are processed from hemp grown in other countries with questionable farming practices.

Buy from us and we guarantee your CBD product comes from exclusive CBD strains that average 10-18% CBD. We also guarantee that we ONLY use Organic growing and extraction practices all from The Mecca of CBD – Colorado, U.S.A.

Increase U.S.A.'s Global Hemp Production

Question…Why is almost 70 percent of the WORLD’s hemp coming from other countries besides the U.S.A. especially when U.S.A. is the ONLY KNOWN COUNTRY to develop exclusive, High-CBD strains like “Charlotte’s Web,” “Cherry Wine” and “The Wife.” And we use SAFER farming and extracting practices! Our goal is to do our best to educate potential customers from all over the world that they might want to consider buying U.S.A. organically grown hemp strains and CBD products for their own safety, health and well-being. By doing our part, our goal is to make U.S.A. a staple in SAFE, Global Hemp Production.

U.S.A. Job Generation

As we progress with our goal to make U.S.A. a staple for SAFE, Global Hemp Production, this process will only CREATE jobs in the CBD industry within the United States. From farming to creating CBD products for retail sale, our goal is to generate jobs in Colorado and throughout the U.S.A. By purchasing quality, American CBD products, you will help our mission – increasing jobs in the U.S.A., especially in struggling U.S.A. Farmlands.

A Little More About Us

Perfect Farming Location - Southern Colorado

Southern Colorado is sunny close to 300 days out of the calendar year. The amount of sunniness coupled with the areas high elevation (above 6,500 feet), creates a perfect environment for growing infamous cannabis strains.

Strong and Supportive Team of Local Hemp Farmers

Our special team of local, Colorado Hemp Farmers work as a collective to spread the word about CBD and in particular, Colorado grown CBD. Our close-nit farmer coalition uses exclusive, High-CBD strains that ONLY a limited amount of Colorado farms can get their hands on.

Organic, Safe Farming Methods + Practices

Fuego Farms and our local farmer partners ONLY use ORGANIC and SAFE farming methods. There is no reason to save a dollar when it comes to jeopardizing humans’ health and safety. Our promise is to provide quality, organic, safe and effective CBD products to our customers. No Pesticides…Ever

Beyond High-CBD Strains

“Cherry Wine,” “The Wife” and more are all Colorado created High-CBD strains that have low enough THC levels to be considered legal while delivering valuable relief to life’s elements. Since our farm has access to these exclusive strains, we can help share High-CBD products throughout the U.S.A.

Organic Supercritical CO2 Extractions

Organic Supercritical CO2 Extraction Methods are the safest, healthiest, and purest way to created high-quality CBD fighting capabilities. Years of research and scientific development lead to this state-of-the-art CBD extraction method.

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