The CBD Difference Makers

– All-American Process –


ZERO Ties to the UK, Canada, China, etc.

American imposter companies are among those claiming to be, “American.” It is not unheard of for these companies to source their hemp, production and materials from other countries outside of the U.S.A. This doesn’t help the U.S. get the economy back on track as well as American employment – during and after a Pandemic.

U.S.A. Colorado Hemp Farmers

The farms that we work with produce Organic, Colorado-Exclusive, Legal,
CBD-Rich Hemp Strains.

U.S.A. Processing & Manufacturing  ​

Current manufacturing takes place in Frederick, MD. Our processing takes place in beautiful Southern Colorado. We plan to bring our processing practices to Maryland shortly. : )

U.S.A. Lab Testing

Lab tested from quality labs in the U.S.A. (Florida) to ensure quality control and safety from every product purchased.

U.S.A. Partners & Affiliates

We support our partners and affiliates in our mission for creating American-based jobs through CBD.

Beyond High-CBD Classification

Our CBD-Rich strains used for our line of high-quality products contain more than 2x the CBD as strains classified as High-CBD or CBD-Rich strains.

Organic Ethanol Extraction

Safe, effective & pure of solvents. High-quality CBD extraction techniques.

100% Guaranteed NOT to FAIL a DRUG Test

THC-FREE – 99.9% Pure Isolate CBD products – we can ensure you that our products contain 0% THC!


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