Our Story

Who We Are?

Ivelis Acevedo Reynolds – Puerto Rican born and raised, bilingual with a Master’s level education in Food Sciences & Formulations including over four years of hands-on cannabis experience – California, Colorado, Oklahoma, & Puerto Rico.

Michael Reynolds – Maryland born native, bachelor of science & leadership degree, history of building up successful small businesses, including over four years of hands-on cannabis experience – Washington D.C. & Colorado.

Love At First Sight

We both met in a very small town in Southern Colorado, where we were involved in two completely separate cannabis operations. Ironically, we both moved to this small town around the same time and did not know each other until going to one of our favorite weekly locations – church. : )

We are both Catholic and our faith brought us to Colorado. Apparently upon arriving, God was already working up his plan with his own matchmaking service as we went from acquaintances to friends to fiances to husband and wife – within a year. 

We both never knew what ‘love at first sight’ meant, until we met each other. 

Why did we form Fuego Farms CBD?

2018: Fuego Farms CBD started in January of 2018 when Farmer Mike realized that there was a growing need for quality CBD products that were effective and contained zero psychoactive properties (Broad Spectrum CBD).

2019: Fast forward to January 2019, where Ivelis joins the team and becomes our formulation expert.

2020: January 1st, Ivelis becomes co-owner of Fuego Farms CBD -. Fuego Farms CBD is now positioned as a family & American owned CBD business.

2021: To bring our manufacturing & distribution process to the East Coast to further Fuego Farms CBD’s American expansion 

2021: Update – We have our manufacturing and distribution set-up in Maryland. : )

Our Current Goals

Moving Forward – Our current goals are to bring manufacturing & operations to the east coast in order to spread our effective and safe Colorado-grown, broad spectrum CBD products across the U.S. without having consumers breaking their bank accounts to pay for everyday relief! Since we are an All-American company, we support American small businesses that help us grow along the way. Everything we do is for America, America jobs including providing safe products for the American consumer – during and after the Pandemic.

Where do we see Fuego Farms CBD in 5 years?

Our vision in five years is to become competitive with big CBD brands like Charlotte’s Web, CV Sciences and CBD MD.

Another vision we have is to contribute major efforts to help combat the Opioid Epidemic in America. For more information on our opioid plan – please see our page – Fuego of Hope.

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